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Ana. 14. Portugal. INTP.
I care about bands and tv shows way too much.

Chandler Bing is my spirit animal.

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Watching: Game of Thrones | Doctor Who S8 (god bless)

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-Fall Out Boy
-All Time Low
-Green Day
-My Chemical Romance

And some other bands, you can check the links iyw
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I'll make a promo/tumblr awards soon'

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o t h e r

was brink-of-self-destruction
i cringe at that url

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Hi, I'm Ana and I like pop-punk music, tv shows and garlic bread
Anonymous said:
I love your url!

Thank you!! :)



A saltire was burned today. I’m still disgusted. People have been stabbed and beaten today. Nazi salutes were thrown infront of a war memorial today. Young people have had abuse hurled at them left and right. Do not ignore this. Do not ignore what’s happening in Glasgow tonight.

if you’re not gaelic or not residing in scotland it is your duty to make this blow up.

Nine In The Afternoon
Panic! At The Disco


always support people who take selfies like its so important for them to feel good about themselves it takes a lot of confidence to take a picture of themselves and post it for the whole internet to see be nice to people

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